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2005      Graduated at Bantan carrier school
2006 - 2008  ・Worked at Shufunotomo Studio as photographer assistant.
       ・Involved in so many shooting for magazines/brochures as part of team in Japan.
       ・Gained a shooting skill, how to use or edit photos using photoshop through the experience of working as photographer assistant for 2 years.
2009     ・Moved to London and did very first job as a photographer for London Fashion Week.
2010 - 2011  ・Worked as official photographer for Grace Tsumugi Gallery and ICN Gallery.
        ・Gained a skill of shooting unmoving object by working for galleries.
        ・Also did a shooting for web, fashion, catalogs, and properties...etc
2013 - Present  Working as freelance Photographer
2005      バンタンキャリアスクール 修了
2006 - 2008  主婦の友社スタジオ 勤務
2009      ロンドンへ行く
2010-2011   Grace Tsumugi Gallery カタログ撮影
        ICN Gallery 撮影
2013      独立

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島 崎 雄 史

Yuji Shimazaki